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Pony Express – Mochila

Rather than the saddle bags shows in the ABC TV show “The Young Riders,” the Mochila that held the mail during its journey across the great expanse of the west was more of a saddle cover than someone one could hold in one hand. A leather article that was able to switch from one rider […]

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Pony Express – God in Hand

Along with the Oath… each pony boy was presented with a copy of a Bible. Printed on the cover of each were the words “Presented by Russell, Majors & Waddell – 1858.” The words were imprinted in gold letters. Before you think the Express expended money just for these young men, the Bibles were from […]

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The Pony Express – Joining Up

The Pony Express was a ground breaking enterprise, endeavoring to deliver the mail quickly over a long distance. Russell, Majors, & Waddell hoped to make a tidy profit providing mail service between St. Joseph, MO & Sacramento, CA. Instead of waiting for the stage, weighed down by luggage and passengers… or freight wagons with their […]

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