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“Facing the New World” – on the Radio!

My story “Facing the Modern World” was a part of the Airships & Automatons anthology with Witty Bard Publishing. The story describes a fictitious meeting between King David Kalakaua and a Japanese Samurai regarding the pressures of defending their island nations against other countries… in the early beginnings of a Steampunk world. Thanks to The […]

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On the Radio – in the Ether with “Facing the Modern World”

Thanks to some wonderful folks in the UK, my story Facing the Modern World from the Of Airships and Automatons Anthology has been produced as a Radio Serial The first part of the story will be broadcast this Friday, August 14, 2015 at 21:00 UK 10:00 a.m. Hawaii Time http://www.frome.fm/ – just click on the LISTEN […]

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