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Review: Lightning Bolts of Zeus by: D. Alan Lewis

This book was great. I sat down to start reading it on a Sunday morning… thinking to get a few chapters in and come back to it later after errands. Well, the errands ended up waiting… and waiting… because I just didn’t put the book down until the end. The ‘world’ of this story is […]

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Review – To Catch a Copperhead

Book Description from Amazon.com: Pulp Happens…Throughout History! Pro Se Productions, a publisher of Genre Fiction, proudly presents D. Alan Lewis’ ‘To Catch A Copperhead’ , a story from Pro Se’s upcoming anthology, HIGH ADVENTURE HISTORY. Setting tales in the past and telling them with a predominantly Pulp flavor, these stories find action and adventure in […]

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Luna’s Children – Stranger Worlds: Editor, D. Alan Lewis

The New Publication from Dark Oak Press, Luna’s Children Vol 1 & 2, were helmed by D. Alan Lewis. And since ‘put us through our paces’ as authors, I think it’s only fair that he be my first victim, err… volunteer for a little Q & A in honor of the release of these anthologies. […]

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