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Ayer’s Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla is a skillfully prepared combination of the best vegetable alternatives and blood purifiers. It is composed of the Sarsaparilla root of the tropics, well-known as an alternative of great value,  combined with Stillingia, Yellow-Dock and Mandrake, all celebrated for curative qualities.  These, chemically united with the Iodides of Potassium and […]

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Advertisements – Grover & Baker

Another Advertisement in Godey’s Magazine in 1864 – GROVER & BAKER’S SEWING MACHINES. – We commend to the public the sewing machines manufactured by this firm. They are swift and reliable. None of the newfangled articles have in any way superseded the well-known useful Grover & Baker premium sewing machines. Every house should have one. […]

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Advertisements – Upham’s

Many of the historical papers that I collect have delightful advertisements and I find that they are some of the best ‘windows’ into the past. After all, we are a ‘buyer’ culture. What we buy says a lot about us. HAIR UPROOTED IN FIVE MINUTES, BY THE USE OF UPHAM’S DEPILATORY POWDER. – This powder […]

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