T. Fox Dunham – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

FoxT. Fox Dunham
Name of Your Story: Gods Who Sleep Below in a World of Pipes

A short summary of your story:

On a world made of pipes and gears, Hawk serves her tribe but seeks the underworld to return her sister to the land of the living, the lost afterlife deep within the spindly and pulsing engine world. Battling through cannibal clans, she defies the laws of her people and delves into the world of pipes below. She meets an under-dweller who becomes her guide, and they fight through the creatures and dangers of the lost pipes until finding the heart of the planet, a secret history they never expected—and an exodus for her people.

Is this your first foray into Steampunk?

TT1GGS book cover20percentNo. I have written several steampunk stories for my Ragtime series, published by multiple presses, the most recent in the last issue of Tales of the Talisman, Ragtime: Roughbeast. This is my first steampunk story not set in the Ragtime Cycles and is set on a distant world, employing a lighter theme.

What other stories are you writing?

I just finished the first draft of Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality or Searching for Andy Kaufman, my next novel, being published by PMMP. I am finishing a story about Professor Moriarty for Maxim Jakubowski for an anthology, a story for Lamplight Journal and a story for AngleKnight Press this month.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?

With the success of The Street Martyr being filmed as a major motion picture by Throughline Films, I plan to write another crime novel through a major noir publisher.

T. Fox Dunham’s Website

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Shane Porteous – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

ShaneShane Porteous

The Name of Your Story: Revelation of Rain

A short summary of your story: Radu, an exiled “Cloudwalker” returns to a place she has not seen in a very long time. If I gave anymore detail I would be spoiling the story.

Is this your first foray into Steampunk?

Writing wise yes, although I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy video game series and they have a lot of steam punk elements, especially the later games.

If Yes, What inspired you to take on the genre?

TT1GGS book cover20percentI very much agree with the notion that all fiction genres are in one form or another a type of fantasy. But what I have always found interesting about Steampunk is it is kind of the middle ground between High Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, two subgenres that in a lot of ways don’t see eye to eye. Essentially steampunk has the potential to take the best of both and place it in one story, I find that

What other stories are you writing?

I am doing the first round of revisions on a novel that I loved writing, but I wouldn’t have a clue when/if it will ever be released.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?

Well the biggest project is getting the aforementioned novel done and dusted, but between editing rounds I hope to write as many short stories as I can. In total I have been accepted to nine different anthologies through various publishers and find it a great fun way to get my name out there.

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William J. Jackson – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

WilliamJacksonWilliam J. Jackson
The Name of Your Story:From Dark Recesses

A short summary of your story: the Army and Navy have taken over Railroad City, MO, to clamp down on its paranormal population, made powerful by the alien blue substance negatrite. The Golden Age of heroes is dead. But… what of the villains? For one in particular, what will he think of this new militant city he once tried in vain to rule? The Strand lurks…

Is this your first foray into Steampunk? No. I have three other tales that fictionmagazines.com put out. Two in the old Professor Dobbs’ Historical Primer, and one in volume 2, number 7 of Nebula Rift. The Rail, which I term the Legacy Universe, has been uot since it was my RPG idea back in 1993.
What inspired you to take on the genre? H.G Wells, Wild Wild West, and more. But mainly, I always wanted to be a writer, but the words couldn’t line up in my head. Self-esteem issues and all that. Now at age 40+, it’s flowing out like mad.
TT1GGS book cover20percentWhere did the inspiration for this new Steampunk story come from? A dream I had at the age of nineteen in ’93 about steam trains. At the time, I was big into superhero RPG’s, and upon awakening, the two things merged. At the time it wasn’t called steampunk, but cross-genre. Space:1889 RPG came out and I loved it! Since then, the Rail has been simmering in my mind.
How is it different from your other Steampunk Stories? The other tales are mostly about heroes at different eras of the Rail (hence, the Legacy in Legacy Universe). This is about a classic megalomaniacal villain. Moreso, it’s about an immovable object against an unstoppable force.

What other stories are you writing? My first novel, hopefully due soon (An Unsubstantiated Chamber) about the military rule in the Rail and more. Short stories are out there, just hoping for acceptance. Soon I will be back to writing more tales, even experimenting with dieselpunk.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015? Novels two and maybe three. Putting my short stories into book anthology form. Write, write, write!

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M.M. Schill – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

132_8989301351_947_nM.M. Schill
The Name of Your Story: Nezu and the Tinker Toy Tengu

A short summary of your story:
Sailing across the great mist-sea, miles in the sky above a dead earth, Nezu, a restless young ship-hand toils away. He daydreams of a life of adventure on the high mist-sea, away from the stern gaze of his captain, miles away from polishing handrails, and the monotonous port-calls that make up his life. His wish comes true when he runs into a peculiar passenger in black below deck, and his even more peculiar tinker-toy tengu. Captivated by the passenger in black’s toy, he strikes a trade with the stranger–a deal he grows to regret.

Is this your first foray into Steampunk?

I never intended to write in steampunk, personally. However, I started world building off of an idea I got visiting my childhood hometown–a small Portuguese immigrant community in Southern New England. The world of mast-ships, sailing, and lighthouses had been a part of my childhood and heritage, so I started off world building in a mystical world, not too unlike classical Portugal at the height of its sailing history. It wasn’t until after hashing out a few short stories, and significant world building, and magic system building, was I aware that what I had on my hands fit neatly into the realms of “Steampunk”.

TT1GGS book cover20percentHow is it different from your other Steampunk Stories?
I think that my steampunk differs in that I tend to shy far away from the classical take of Victorian England, which is the primary setting I’ve read most in steampunk. This might be a giant no-no to steampunk lovers; I know there is a certain amount of romanticism attached to that era.However, that era and setting doesn’t interest me as much. With my interest in classical maritime my steampunk stories tend to focus more on Portuguese and Japanese sailing culture, with a few touches on Scandinavian cultural influences and English Privateer history–basically, anything that has cool boats with cool sailing stories.

What other stories are you writing?
Outside of this steampunk world, I write mostly within a world I built that is based on Japanese/Shinto mythologies. I tend to enjoy world building and magic systems, so I spend a great deal of time hashing those sort of things out. They are like puzzles–fun to solve for me.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?
Keep on, keeping on. Got a few anthologies set up. Got a few submissions I’m waiting on. I’m still working on my world building and magic systems for some longer work. I got stuff to do.

M.M. Schill Website
M.M. Schill facebook

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Roy C. Booth – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

Digital RoyRoy C. Booth (and Nicholas Johnson)
The Name of Your Story: “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dethograph”

A short summary of your story: A follow up to “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Man-Made Vacuum,” the bestselling First Place winner in the 17th Annual Preditors & Editors Awards for Best Steampunk Short Story. (It’s actually a novella, but, hey…)

TT1GGS book cover20percentIs this your first foray into Steampunk? Hell, no.
Where did the inspiration for this new Steampunk story come from? Direct sequel opportunity.
How is it different from your other Steampunk Stories? It’s a direct sequel.

What other stories are you writing? Far, far too many to list here. Honest. No, really. Keep up to date at my Amazon Author Page: www.amazon.com/author/roycbooth

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015? Write more, sell more. Become pop-pop-popular.

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David N. Smith- Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

DavidDavid N. Smith & Violet Addison
The Name of Your Story: The Mad, The Bad and The Beautiful.

A short summary of your story:

A foundry worker, who dreams of building an airship, is delighted when a beautiful woman offers to help him turn his designs into a reality. However, in order to receive funding for his creation, he must agree to undertake a foolhardy maiden voyage. With at least one of his passengers working to their own unscrupulous agenda, plus another who appears entirely mad, on a mission which is both implausible and impossible, he must decide just how far he is prepared to go in the pursuit of his ambitions.

After all, there’s nothing more dangerous than…

….the mad….
…the bad…
…and the beautiful.

TT1GGS book cover20percentIs this your first foray into Steampunk?
Yes, this was our first venture into a Steampunk world, but not our last.
Over the last few years we’ve had a number of short stories published, always in science-fiction and horror anthologies, so we’ve been looking for opportunities to branch out into other genres. When we saw an opportunity to write for a Steampunk anthology, we jumped at it. For us, there’s a certain mix of romantic adventure, Victorian ingenuity and outright madness to the genre that we just could not resist.

What other stories are you writing?
We’ve recently completed work on a Steampunk novella, which at 20,000 words is the our longest piece of fiction so far, which has been submitted for another anthology. If they don’t publish it, we may well release it as an e-book, as we really do think it’s something special. We should also have a short story coming out in a fantasy anthology later in 2015.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?
2015 should be a big year.
Up until now our writing has been something squeezed into a very hectic schedule, generally between 6 and 7 am, as that was the only free time available. That all changes as of February 2015, so with some real time available, we’re hopeful that we may finally produce our first novel. Don’t hold your breath though, it has been known for us to be heavily distracted by short stories, screenplays, the internet or various bright and shiny objects


Official Website

David on Facebook

Violet on Facebook

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The City – Cyberfunk Anthology


Cover art for the upcoming Anthology

MV Media is preparing for publication of its Cyberfunk Anthology – The City.

A living breathing organism, the City has mysteries that even its most notable citizens don’t understand.

With Cover and Interior art created by the amazing Edison Moody, this will be another exciting chapter in MV Media’s ‘book.’



My story “Washed Pure, Washed Clean” will be in the anthology edited by Milton Davis.

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Review: Lightning Bolts of Zeus by: D. Alan Lewis

alansbookzeuscoverThis book was great. I sat down to start reading it on a Sunday morning… thinking to get a few chapters in and come back to it later after errands. Well, the errands ended up waiting… and waiting… because I just didn’t put the book down until the end. The ‘world’ of this story is a fun alternative history that serves as a wonderful backdrop for the characters.

Jasmine and Thyme are just as entertaining as I hoped. Like many relationships between sisters… they are a complicated duo! The drama only helps the drive the story and action forward. I truly enjoyed reading the story about these two ladies, their adventures, and the intrigue that develops when ‘everybody wants to rule the world.’ (The song just popped up in my head)

Highly recommend this book!

Gave this 5 Stars on Amazon.com

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A new Review for “Carried Away”

CarriedAwayCoverKWimg Two reviews on Amazon.com so far… and this one posted on

Review Link

and a little snippet from the review:

I would recommend this novella to anyone who has enjoyed the graphic novel, as it fills in the background details of the Suffrajitsu universe and revisits the characters. If you haven’t read the graphic novel, it is still an enjoyable read as a standalone story about the suffragette movement. Ray Dean is an engaging writer with crisp prose, and a good feel for the zeitgeist of the historical era. A perfect read over a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Thanks to Lynne Lumsden Green for her review!

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Get “Carried Away” with my Give Away

a Rafflecopter giveaway

From now until Tuesday of Next Week… enter my Rafflecopter Giveaway to help me celebrate my release on Kindle Worlds!


As a proper Edwardian Englishman, Lord Arnold Smythe has no time at all for the radical women’s suffrage movement. He becomes infuriated when his wife, Lady Roslyn, shows an interest in the cause.

Meanwhile, young Tressa Boniface, a serving girl in the Smythe’s household, can’t see what all the fuss is about. Why should women not be the equals of men? Tressa’s curiosity and sense of natural justice inevitably send her to a suffragette rally, and then into physical danger. Will Tressa’s new-found friendship with Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons – a secret society of female bodyguards – teach her the courage she’ll need to rise above her station?

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