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Feature Publication:
“Carried Away” part of Suffrajitsu Universe in Amazon Kindle Worlds

Anthology Publication: (earliest to current)
“Fire in the Sky” part of the Shanghai Steam Anthology by EDGE Publishing
“A Will of Iron” part of the Steamfunk! Anthology
“Facing a Modern World” part of ‘Of Airships and Automatons: Tales of Steam and Science’
“Folie a Deux” is part of the ‘All the Night-Tide’ Anthology from Aadenian Press
“Practically Perfect” is a part of the “Kisses by Clockwork” Anthology from Ticonderoga Publications
“The Hand That Feeds” is part of “Luna’s Children – Stranger Worlds” Anthology from Dark Oak Press
The Sound of Her Fury” in the Steampunk Anthology, ‘Gears, Gadgets, and Steam: Tinkered Tales Vol 1’ with Harren Press
By Its Cover” in the Romance Anthology for Witty Bard Publishing
Washed Pure, Washed Clean” in The City by: MV Media

Online Publication- (current to earliest)
“Beneath The Surface” on Bad Girls, Good Guys, & Two Fisted Action Blog
“Springing the Trap” in WereTraveler Magazine
“The Whole Picture” in WereTraveler Magazine
“A Good Match” – Frontier Tales
“Borrowed Time” published on Postcard Poems and Prose
“Balancing The Scales” published in the 12th issue of The Were-Traveler magazine.
“Eudora” published on Postcard Poems and Prose
“Gum Shan’s Hidden Treasure” – Frontier Tales
“An Impossible Plan” – Whistling Fire Literary Journal

Author’s Pages
Amazon page – Ray Dean
Facebook Author’s Page
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In Process of Publication:
“Jerry Rigg: In Need of a Fix” will appear in Capes & Clockwork II with Dark Oak Press
“Washed Pure, Washed Clean” will appear in Book One of The City Anthology with MV Media

More soon…

Blog Contributor:
—>The Gilded Monocle -Posting reviews of Steampunk books and other features
Interview with Andres Salazar about his Pariah, Missouri Comic (December 21, 2012)
Review of “Sky Pirates” Graphic Novel (November 17, 2012)
Interview with James Ng cover artist for Shanghai Steam (October 27, 2012)
Review of SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks (September 6, 2012)
Review of Jack the Ripper and Black Magic (August 17, 2012)
Review of The Janus Affair (August 7, 2012)
Review of The Dark Victorian: Risen (July 31, 2012)

—>Steamed! Blog
Anemometer Gadget (August 4, 2011)
Steamed! Steampunkapalooza 2012 (April 12, 2012) – Patent Medicine
Guest Book Reviewer – The Dark Victorian: Risen (July 23, 2012)
Steamed! Countries… Culture… the Wicking Effect (November 1, 2012)
Alternative History & Inciting Incidents (December 6, 2012)
Interview with Elizabeth Watasin (January 24. 2013)
Steamfunk(February 28, 2013)
Dr. Oh’s Octopodiform Deterrent (April 29, 2013)
Interview with D Alan Lewis, author of “The Lightning Bolts of Zeus” (December 5, 2013)
Steamed! – Place Based Inspiration (February 7, 2014)
Place Based Inspiration Too! (February 21, 2014)
The Bright Light of Day… review of “Dawn’s Early Light” by Tee Morris & Pip Ballantine (March 21, 2014)
Steampunk India Introduction (April 4, 2014)
Makers – Writers (April 18, 2014)
Marking the Passage (May 2, 2014)
Inaugural Publication for Witty Bard Publishing (May 16, 2014)
‘All the Night-tide” in the Spotlight (June 6, 2014)
A Little Science Moment to Enlighten Your Day (July 4, 2014)
A Continuing Thread (August 1, 2014)
Threads – Continuing On (August 8, 2014)
The Sense of Definability (August 15, 2014)
Steam Era Transportation (September 5, 2014)
A Matter of Mourning (September 25, 2014)

Guest Blogger: 
Chasing the Genre – Amanda Jayde’s Blog
SteampunkU – Pick Up Sticks

eSteampunk Online Magazine: Interview with Chris-Rachael Oseland


Shanghai Steam Blog Tour Posts:
Bad Girls, Good Guys, & Two Fisted Action – Flying Fists & Frying Pans (October 24, 2012)
The Gilded Monocle: Interview with James Ng (October 27, 2012)
My Ethereality: Research & Inspiration (October 31, 2012)
Steamed! Countries… Culture… the Wicking Effect (November 1, 2012)

Steampunk: Hands Across the World 2014
SteampunkU – Pick Up Sticks
Steamed! – Place Based Inspiration
Steamed! – Place Based Inspiration Too
International Round Table Discussion

Upcoming Guest Posts:

Steam Dust Studios


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