President Garfield Shot! July 2, 1881

July 2, 1881 –  Washington, D.C.

President James A. Garfield was shot at 9:30 a.m. by one Charles J. Guiteau. Our president of less than four months was grievously wounded as he waited for a train to take him home for a summer visitation.

The scene of the crime, the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station at the corner of Sixth and Constitution. Tragically, two of the President’s sons, James and Harry,  had accompanied him to the station.

It was reported that Guiteau waited for the President to enter the waiting room of the station before stepping out and shooting him in the back.

Our sources contend that before Guiteau could escape to the waiting cab outside, Policeman Patrick Kearney apprehended him. When they reached the police station Guiteau uttered the words, “I am a stalwart of Stalwarts! I did it and I want to be arrested! Arthur is President now!”

The Stalwarts are a faction loyal to ex-President Grant and are strongly opposed to Garfield. It leads one to ponder what this could mean for the stability of our Nation!

We believe that many of our citizens will join us in our prayers for President Garfield’s quick recovery from this horrible attack!

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