Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 – Favorite Steampunk Memories (part 1)

I’ve been going through a little nostalgia lately…

Honestly it started because a lot of things happened last year – some good, some bad.  Most importantly, I lost a family member in the later part of the year. It was a quick and peaceful passing for him and I was glad that was the case. On the other side, I was able to continue publishing my short stories and write more of both shorter and longer fiction.

During this time in my confusing and sometimes monotonous life, I started to reflect on Steampunk and my interaction with the fandom. That alone was enough to make me go looking for something sweet to much on.

But with the theme of ‘Favorite Things’ for the Steampunk month… I think this fits… So this post will be some of my favorite Steampunk Writing moments… I’ll put in my peeps later!

It may not be ground breaking but here we go:

ShanghaiSteam-270px-100dpi-C8Shanghai Steam was a beginning for me. My first accepted story in an anthology. And one of the best experiences with a group of writers. I had little or no real expectations of what it was like. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying any of it was bad, but boy was I on a stiff learning curve. Amidst the editing, we had to plan our release parties, update our websites. Through it all we had the help of our wonderful editors!

Recently I was able to meet up with one of our editors. On a family trip to Hawaii, there was just enough time to sit down for a meal together and talk shop. How amazing it was to find that we had more in common than I ever would have known with just our emails back and forth about the project.

And it was my introduction to the amazing art of James Ng… such detail and warmth in his work… and the imagination! Truly a pleasure!

Even with the other authors… I’ve remained in contact with most of them and it’s amazing to see what they’re doing in their careers… so proud to be part of such an amazing endeavor…

steamfunk-coverSteamfunk!  was another early highlight. When I sat down to write the body of the story “A Will of Iron” I had a Johnny Cash song on my ipod, a song about a train… okay, so I have a bunch of songs about trains on my ipod… but this one gave the story a heart… a heartbeat really.

And the story of John Henry and his race against a steam driven machine… I really enjoyed the idea of a body as a machine… and thanks to editors of Steamfunk! for including my story in the amazing anthology that I’m so proud to have on my shelf!

Our association has continued through the years, with my participation in “the City” Cyberfunk anthology… I’m working on one to submit for their Dieselfunk anthology… so here’s hoping I do the idea justice.

airshipsautomatonscovercropThe Steampunk Anthology from Witty Bard Publishing is another favorite!

“Facing a Modern World” was inspired by a pencil sketch made by King David Kalakaua and a Samurai from Japan that the king had inspired during his Around the World trip. It was only the first one accepted to other Witty Bard anthologies and I truly enjoyed working with the crew at WBP!

The crowning achievement of this story was having my story read aloud on a radio show broadcast from the UK. I was thrilled that they felt the story worthy of such a lovely transformation and the actor that literally breathed life into my words was truly gifted. I was on the edge of my seat excited and my heart was pounding almost loud enough to drown out the music that came before… So thanks to the folks at Frome and The Green Door for including me and having me as a guest on the show for an interview!

There might be more ‘radio’ in the future… always working on more to share… so keep an eye/ear/feeler out…

So much more has happened since then… but these are some of my earliest involvements in Steampunk and continue to influence my writing life and my personal one as well…

New anthologies coming up… and at Kawaii Kon 2016, I’ll be in the Steampunk panel for the third year! So come and see me… hang out.. ask questions… More favorite things!

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