Upcoming Release – “The City” Cyberfunk Anthology

thecityanthologycovereBook Release Date – September 25, 2015

One of the unique aspects of this anthology was the ‘World’ created by Editor & Creative Force, Milton Davis.

The first time I ‘met’ Milton Davis was when I found an anthology call for something called Steamfunk! I had just finished writing a story for Shanghai Steam and eager for another challenge, I wrote a story about John Henry, an American Folk Hero who bested a steam-driven engine in the time of locomotives.

When he put out the call for “The City” – a Cyberfunk Anthology, I was curious.

What is it about: ‘The City. No one knows how it began or when it will end. No one knows how we came to be here, 20 millions souls, 1500 different species all crammed together in plascrete and biosteel. No one’s been in or out of the city in 20 centuries. Some have their theories why, some don’t care. But no matter who you are, or what you are, you have a story, don’t you?’

He set out a 17 page manifesto full of information about ‘The City’ – it’s denizens and the science of the world. Part of the beauty of it was to use the information about this world and/or some of his characters and build a story to start filling ‘The City’ with life! I thought about a number of the characters… some of the descriptions of the types of people in the canon, species and vocations. I brainstormed a few different stories, but as I read the pages over and over, a name stood out in my mind.

Ben Willard

Unlike some of the other characters that had more of a bio, Ben was mentioned once in connection to a group called The River Rats

River Rats, as they are called by inhabitants of The City (and they have accepted that name, believing it a title given by The River) – roam the River and protect it from being “defiled” by anyone trying to hop into or drink from its pristine, clear as glass waters. The River Rats, who come from all walks of human, alien and A.I. life, are zealous and vicious in their protection of their “Deity.” The leader of the River Rats is Brother Ben Willard, a former elite Perimeter Patrol officer, who has now given his life completely over to the care of The River.

And that paragraph is where I started…

And when I thought to bring in a Techsorcist:

Techsorcists possess spiritual powers of divination, minor healing (physical, and psychic) and spiritual cleansing

I looked for a name to embody the kind of power and healing that I saw in my head. And I found the name Ife.

The name originates from Yoruba and means ‘love.’ What a wonderful name for someone that envisioned as full of love for the people of the City, especially those that protect and nurture the River.

For an excerpt of my story… please visit this previous post – Washed Pure, Washed Clean

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