What’s in a Name…

An old friend of mine posted on his blog on the theme of ‘Naming Characters’ – You can find his post here Zombie Ranch – What’s in a Name

So, where do character names come from?

From the dark recesses of my mind… no, seriously.

Well, sort of seriously…

I’m going to tackle this in a few parts… including the ‘NOT how to NAME’ Characters issue. For this post I’ll deal with a little of both.

First, a disclaimer, I am a fan of Westerns.

“What?” You recoil in confusion. “But… but… you’re from Hawai’i… you’re Asian…”

“I know,” I sigh, long and suffering from the impossibility of it all, “how is that possible?”

louislamourcherokeetrailOne of my favorite books is “Cherokee Trail” written by Louis L’Amour. It’s been made a few times into TV movies/episodes, and I like a lot about it. Like the name of the lead male.
Temple Boone – nice. Temple – strong – long lived – mysterious Boone – ‘good’ – wild – strong (brings to mind Daniel)

A few other Names with interest:
Scant Luther – short – sub par – beneath – you can tell he’s not a hero
Wilbur Pattishal – Stage Driver – older – reliable – trail smart

Now for the names of the characters that I just… I just didn’t warm up to.

Mary Breydon- the main female – also “Mother” and “Mum” – She’s come to take over the running of the station from Scant
Peg – her daughter (short for Margaret)
Matty Maginnis – an Irish woman needing a job
Mark Stacey – the Stage Company agent

M – M – M M – M – That’s what stuck with me throughout the entire thing… TOO MANY M’s

The names all seemed to find the time period, but other than that, the repetition of Ms made it hard to separate the characters. My mind sometimes jumped to thinking about another character. Focus, reader, focus!

The ‘colorful’ names seem to be settled mostly on the male characters. The women have spark and interest in their actions, but there are quite a few scenes with Matty and Mary and *hangs head* it got old fast…

Still, I enjoyed the story… just wish the women had more to their names.

Hmmm… now, what other character names come to mind…

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