Ray Dean – Author “Gears, Gadgets, & Steam”

cowgirlauthorRay Dean
Name of Your Story: The Sound of Her Fury

A short summary of your story:

In one terrifying moment Mariette lost her entire world. Mother and father gone. What was left in her world was pain and a blinding rage that was easily turned to thoughts of revenge. Using her talents as a jeweler and adding in her father’s scientific knowledge, she puts her plans in motion.

Is this your first foray into Steampunk?

TT1GGS book cover20percentNo, but this is a genre that I really enjoy. I have five Steampunk stories published in anthologies and I’m always working on more…

What other stories are you writing?

I have several stories set in the Old West and a few others in various genres. Always looking for more ideas… and hoping for more time to get them done.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?

Having just debuted a story in Kindle Worlds, I am working on a few more of those to keep the trend going.

I’m making a concerted effort to write more. I have several works in progress of Novel length stories and of course more shorts.



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