Kindle Worlds – Carried Away by: Ray Dean


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As a proper Edwardian Englishman, Lord Arnold Smythe has no time at all for the radical women’s suffrage movement. He becomes infuriated when his wife, Lady Roslyn, shows an interest in the cause.

Meanwhile, young Tressa Boniface, a serving girl in the Smythe’s household, can’t see what all the fuss is about. Why should women not be the equals of men? Tressa’s curiosity and sense of natural justice inevitably send her to a suffragette rally, and then into physical danger. Will Tressa’s new-found friendship with Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons – a secret society of female bodyguards – teach her the courage she’ll need to rise above her station?





Suffrajitsu is a series of Graphic Novels written by: Tony Wolf and drawn by: Joao Vieira.

A dynamic series that focuses on the ‘Amazons’ – Female Bodyguards of the Suffrage Movement in the United Kingdom.

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