Leave Darcy Out of This! — Gray vs Grey

One of the Jane Austen groups on facebook posted this link Is Christian Grey Our New Mr. Darcy?

If you want my opinion… I think the comparison should be this…


Don’t compare a gentleman of rank who has to consider not just his duty to his family, but to his tenants… a man who gives of himself to others that have proven themselves to him. And a man who has a woman who doesn’t lose herself in the need to make his world the way he wants it.

Where the comparison should stand is between the two hedonists… Selfish and driven by their passions… heedless of what it does to others…

That’s where you get Gray Vs. Grey!

Fitting… isn’t it?


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4 Responses to Leave Darcy Out of This! — Gray vs Grey

  1. Elizabeth Watasin says:

    A very fitting comparison!

  2. Carla says:

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head! You are so right! Have to wonder where people’s heads are sometimes. There seems to be a lot of comparing apples to oranges lately.

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