SHATW 2015 – Receipt Test – Salad ‘d Orange

Earlier we posted a Salade D’Orange receipt.

So, I wanted to actually try it out at home.


Forgive the color of the picture, the combination of the indoor lights and the camera didn’t do me any favors. Next time I will do the pictures during the day in sunlight.

Things that happened during the trial:

I couldn’t find a way to pick up any Madeira Wine, so I looked online for a substitute. It said to use Balsamic Vinegar, a teaspoon of honey, and four whole cloves – reduce the vinegar and use that instead.

The receipt said to ‘add some Madeira Wine’ – but that wasn’t very specific. The site that said to substitute the reduced vinegar suggested drizzling. The problem with that was the thickened liquid would splash and color/flavor only parts of the orange.

I would suggest for the mixture to be thinned a bit and used as an overall glaze.

The flavor added by the reduced vinegar had a nice bite to it and added flavor for the salad.

I have a receipt for Shortbread that needed candied orange peel, so the peel that cut from the oranges for this dish were candied at the same time.

So –

Ease= having to reduce the wine and removing all the skins to keep the ’rounds’ whole, not so fun

Taste= good! We liked the bite of the syrup, but again, we’d have liked it as an overall taste and not ‘bursts’ of flavor.


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  2. AJ Miles says:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog! I love your steampunk articles and was excited that you have recipes! One question though, do you call them receipts instead of recipes as a joke? I didnt know if it was an ongoing gag or something!
    Also Google searches may pull up your blog more if the words “victorian recipes” was added to the tags!

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