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The Name of Your Story: Nezu and the Tinker Toy Tengu

A short summary of your story:
Sailing across the great mist-sea, miles in the sky above a dead earth, Nezu, a restless young ship-hand toils away. He daydreams of a life of adventure on the high mist-sea, away from the stern gaze of his captain, miles away from polishing handrails, and the monotonous port-calls that make up his life. His wish comes true when he runs into a peculiar passenger in black below deck, and his even more peculiar tinker-toy tengu. Captivated by the passenger in black’s toy, he strikes a trade with the stranger–a deal he grows to regret.

Is this your first foray into Steampunk?

I never intended to write in steampunk, personally. However, I started world building off of an idea I got visiting my childhood hometown–a small Portuguese immigrant community in Southern New England. The world of mast-ships, sailing, and lighthouses had been a part of my childhood and heritage, so I started off world building in a mystical world, not too unlike classical Portugal at the height of its sailing history. It wasn’t until after hashing out a few short stories, and significant world building, and magic system building, was I aware that what I had on my hands fit neatly into the realms of “Steampunk”.

TT1GGS book cover20percentHow is it different from your other Steampunk Stories?
I think that my steampunk differs in that I tend to shy far away from the classical take of Victorian England, which is the primary setting I’ve read most in steampunk. This might be a giant no-no to steampunk lovers; I know there is a certain amount of romanticism attached to that era.However, that era and setting doesn’t interest me as much. With my interest in classical maritime my steampunk stories tend to focus more on Portuguese and Japanese sailing culture, with a few touches on Scandinavian cultural influences and English Privateer history–basically, anything that has cool boats with cool sailing stories.

What other stories are you writing?
Outside of this steampunk world, I write mostly within a world I built that is based on Japanese/Shinto mythologies. I tend to enjoy world building and magic systems, so I spend a great deal of time hashing those sort of things out. They are like puzzles–fun to solve for me.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015?
Keep on, keeping on. Got a few anthologies set up. Got a few submissions I’m waiting on. I’m still working on my world building and magic systems for some longer work. I got stuff to do.

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