Receipt – Scotch Shortbread

scotchshortbreadSCOTCH SHORT-BREAD.
Take one pound of butter, twelve ounces of finely powdered loaf-sugar, two pounds of flour, four eggs, a few caraway seeds, candied peel to the taste, and the little white sugar plums called caraway comfits. Make the flour and butter hot before the fire. Rub the butter and sugar into the flour with the hand, and make it into a stiff paste with the eggs, previously well beaten. The rolling-out to the required thickness must be done with as little use of the rolling-pin as possible. Either take small pieces, and roll them into oblong cakes, or roll out a large piece and cut it into squares or rounds. Prick a pattern round the edge of each little cake with the back of a knife, and arrange slices of peel, comfits, and caraway seeds in a pattern. They will take about twenty minutes to bake, and the oven should not be too quick. The mixing of flour, sugar, and butter, and of the eggs afterward, must be done very thoroughly and smoothly.

Peterson’s 1865 – p. 146

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