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WilliamJacksonWilliam J. Jackson
The Name of Your Story:From Dark Recesses

A short summary of your story: the Army and Navy have taken over Railroad City, MO, to clamp down on its paranormal population, made powerful by the alien blue substance negatrite. The Golden Age of heroes is dead. But… what of the villains? For one in particular, what will he think of this new militant city he once tried in vain to rule? The Strand lurks…

Is this your first foray into Steampunk? No. I have three other tales that fictionmagazines.com put out. Two in the old Professor Dobbs’ Historical Primer, and one in volume 2, number 7 of Nebula Rift. The Rail, which I term the Legacy Universe, has been uot since it was my RPG idea back in 1993.
What inspired you to take on the genre? H.G Wells, Wild Wild West, and more. But mainly, I always wanted to be a writer, but the words couldn’t line up in my head. Self-esteem issues and all that. Now at age 40+, it’s flowing out like mad.
TT1GGS book cover20percentWhere did the inspiration for this new Steampunk story come from? A dream I had at the age of nineteen in ’93 about steam trains. At the time, I was big into superhero RPG’s, and upon awakening, the two things merged. At the time it wasn’t called steampunk, but cross-genre. Space:1889 RPG came out and I loved it! Since then, the Rail has been simmering in my mind.
How is it different from your other Steampunk Stories? The other tales are mostly about heroes at different eras of the Rail (hence, the Legacy in Legacy Universe). This is about a classic megalomaniacal villain. Moreso, it’s about an immovable object against an unstoppable force.

What other stories are you writing? My first novel, hopefully due soon (An Unsubstantiated Chamber) about the military rule in the Rail and more. Short stories are out there, just hoping for acceptance. Soon I will be back to writing more tales, even experimenting with dieselpunk.

What are your writing plans for the rest of 2015? Novels two and maybe three. Putting my short stories into book anthology form. Write, write, write!

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