Receipt: Plum Puddings

plum-pudding Peterson’s Magazine 1883 December*

Plum Puddings. – Two pounds of raisins stoned and chopped a little, two pounds of currants, two pounds of suet, one pound of moist sugar, four or five large spoonfuls of flour, the yolks of eight eggs and the whites of five, two pounds of breadcrumb, a little lemon-peel, a little candied peel and spice, two ounces of sweet almonds pounded well, two glasses of brandy. Boil for eight hours.

Four pounds of raisins, four pounds of currants, one pound of mixed peel, one-fourth pound of sweet almonds (cut very fine), one and one-fourth pounds of beef-suet, one and a half pounds of flour, half a nutmeg, one small teaspoonful of mixed spice, twelve eggs, half a pint of brandy, one small teaspoon of salt. To be made into two puddings, and boiled eight hours each.

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