Receipt: To Cook Green Artichokes

artichokeRecently the Airship Ambassador himself, Kevin Stiel has been posting links to my Victorian Receipts on his twitter account. What a lovely thing for him to mention us!  


Peterson’s Magazine 1865

To Cook Green Artichokes. – Take four good sized artichokes. Strip them from the outer leaves, cut off the stalks, and also a little from the top of each. Beat each artichoke separately until it opens; then fill them between the leaves with the following mixture: – Mince finely a thick slice of uncooked ham, a little parsley, and two small roots of green garlic; mix them together, and season with pepper and salt. Place the artichokes in a stewpan, but not too closely together, and pour over each one tablespoonful of sweet oil. Stew them gently at the side of the fire for one hour, and serve them in a vegetable dish.


**Please understand that we have NOT tested this receipt. This is printed as it was in 1865 in the Peterson’s Ladies Magazine**


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