Recommended Read – Pride & Prejudice Annotated

coverjanepnp I highly recommend this version of Pride & Prejudice. Not only can you read the book on its own, just read LEFT pages straight through.

However, if you want to learn a ton and a half about the Regency Era, this is a GREAT resource. Instead of just reading a research book about the period where a number of great facts are presented to you in a clear progression… hey, that’s great, but when you read those facts in context… wonderful!

It’s a bigger, brighter version of Pride & Prejudice to me. And as much as I enjoy the Colin Firth yummy goodness of the miniseries, I really enjoy the fullness of the text. I also understand that Mr. B in the miniseries is such a doll, he really makes it hard to remember how much I dislike Mr. B in the book.

I enjoyed every minute of reading the book and thank one of my dearest friends for gifting me with the copy that her mother owned. Until she put it in my hands I hadn’t even thought of looking for an annotated version of a Jane Austen book! Now I’m on the lookout for another one… I may start with Northanger Abbey… or I might be persuaded otherwise… 😀

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