Luna’s Children – Stranger Worlds: Christopher L Smith

Click on the image to buy the book for your Kindle

Click on the image to buy the book for your Kindle

Christopher L Smith, author of “Bad Blood and Old Silver”

What sparked your interest in werewolves?

Always liked werewolves, I’ve always preferred them to vampires or zombies, etc. Feral, strong, fast, brutal, but still human at least part of the time.

What spawned the idea for your story?

I had gotten a tip from a friend about the open call for Luna’s Children, and we started kicking ideas around. One of the things I was having an issue with was the nitpicky details of having a werewolf character. Do they enjoy it, or is it a curse? Do they have control over the change? What happens the next morning, when they wake up naked in the middle of town? Little things, and most have been covered so many times by others, they’ve become cliche.

I needed a different setting, somewhere and when that would present a challenge to the protagonists, and where the bulk of the characters would have never heard of a werewolf, or how to kill it. It became a puzzle for them to solve. We went from there to ‘How would Josey Wales handle a werewolf?’ and it grew into ‘Bad Blood and Old Silver.’

Are you a Pantser or Plotter?

Kind of both, I usually start with an idea, joke, or scene I’d think would be cool to read, and flesh it out until I get stuck. That’s when I start the outline, trying to pin down sequence of events and how they lead up to where I started writing, and where they go to the logical conclusion. Then repeat the process and revise the draft and outline until I’m happy with it.

Is there a soundtrack to this story?

‘Cowboys From Hell’ by Pantera, naturally :-)

Is this a familiar genre for you… or did you try something new?

I’m new at writing, and haven’t tried to do a lot in different genres yet. Most of what I’ve put on paper has been, more or less, Urban Fantasy type stories, so to answer your question….Yes?

What is your next project?

Next up are more shorts for various anthologies, including two more with the same main characters, Isaac Crane and Daniel Runningbear, from ‘Bad Blood and Old Silver.’ At some point in the future I’d like to finish the demon possessed ‘super hero’ (for values of super) novel I started, then move on to something a bit different.

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