Luna’s Children – Stranger Worlds: Jeff Provine


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Jeff Provine, author of “The Artemis Gang”

What sparked your interest in werewolves?

I’ve always been fascinated by the Jekyll/Hyde aspect of werewolves, having something deep inside that is powerful yet chaotic, perhaps even evil. My first werewolf experience was probably Teen Wolf, which shows the real-world applications of werewolfism.

What spawned the idea for your story?

My story, “The Artemis Gang,” was inspired by the Australian bank robber Ned Kelly, whose gang reputedly wore armor and just waltzed out under a hail of gunfire. That, combined with the immortality implied in the Wolfman movies, makes for a good heist.

Are you a Pantser or Plotter?

I guess I’m an “Outliner,” or at least a very rough Plotter. I know the plot-points, but everything else is totally Pants.

legomanIs there a soundtrack to this story?

The soundtrack to the Magnificent Seven by Elmer Bernstein fits, especially in its darker moments.

Is this a familiar genre for you… or did you try something new?

While I’ve always worked with speculative fiction, this was the first werewolf-focused story I’ve done. I’ve got an idea for a book down the road exploring other werecreatures, like the wererhino and the werehummingbird. It’s fascinating to see what could come of animalistic powers.

What is your next project?

My next project is a steampunk Alternative History where Isaac Newton discovers a catalyst that makes fires burn hotter than fuel should allow… by opening pinholes into Hell.

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