Superheroes… Talking with My Muse

*fickle dear that she is* My Muse is one of those temperamental, saucy, ill-tempered dictators that sometimes deigns to help me figure out how to put some words together to make stories.

Sure, I should be a little… sweeter to her. But mostly, I just want to throttle her or tie her down to a chair… hmm… violent thoughts… It’s a tough-love kind of relationship, I guess..

But, now, onto the point of this post-

Superheroes… if you haven’t already seen and/or read “Capes and Clockwork” DO! NOW! Steampunk+Superheroes!

The idea is exciting… my muse needed to do some ‘feeling around’ before I came up with an idea for my own story. So where did I start to gather my information.

Superhero – A fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers – also – an exceptionally skillful or successful person (Merriam-Webster online dictionary)

Okay – so someone with SUPERhuman powers.. someone ‘better’ than a normal human. Okay.

Now, superheroes of my life fall into the comic/movie variety… of which Batman can arguably be included even though he’s not really superhuman… or is he? Does his SUPERhuman power come from the ability to hide in the shadows, descending upon his foes in the dark shadows of the night.. perhaps his superpower is keeping encroaching insanity at bay?

Other odd tropes…

the Charles Atlas Trope – that one can train themselves into a superhero. It’s not so much that you can build up enough muscle to be as strong as someone like Colossus. Or can you… if you have a super human component of your body that allows your muscles to be grown to that size/strength… awesome!

Freak Lab Accident – a classic – so many great superheroes have started this way… as well as super villains, but does that take it from cool origin to overused origin?

A question I had – costume – What purpose is there… besides making one stand out in a crowd… wouldn’t your powers do that for you? Or is it the ability to be seen and recognized to make your job easier? Or does it make it harder? Not everyone, I suppose, likes a superhero.

Kryptonite – that thing that is your ‘weakness’ – the item that makes you feel weak, powerless… human? What is it? Who is it? A feeling? A memory? Is it something that has to be brought to you or is it something that you carry with you during your life?

I’ll have to keep thinking about this…

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