Review: The Pullman Porter

My mind works in mysterious ways. Or if you ask my mother and closest friends… ‘WEIRD’ ways. When I think of Pullman – I think of UPS. Yes, the United Parcel Service. Odd, because my family is BIG into the Post Office (Three Generations into). UPS uniforms are made… and UPS trucks are painted in “Pullman Brown” – a color chosen because it wouldn’t show dirt as quickly as other colors.

pullmancarThen again, I’m also a huge fan of railroads. Something about the lurch and chugging rhythm of sound calls to a part of my soul that probably walked the earth awhile ago… And if you doubt it… check the Railroad section of my book trove.. it’s pretty extensive.

When I saw the book cover for “The Pullman Porter” I immediately picked it up.

Published by Vanita Books, LLC. “The Pullman Porter” falls under the Children’s Books, History genres and does an admirable job of painting the history of the Pullman Porters. Starting with the origins post Civil War, she talks about the job, the men, the circumstances, and the social change that they wrought.

Near the end of the book, it brings in the Civil Rights movement and the role that Pullman Porters played in it. While it was all very informative, I admit, the railroad fangirl in me wanted more… RAILROAD.

There was also room for more text on each page. The illustrations were beautiful and some of them were truly a pleasure to look at, but I ached for more information! So, that’s why it’s great that at the end of the book you’ll find other sources for information that I will definitely look for in the near future.

I truly enjoyed the book and it’s a good story to teach children the long reaching effects of our lives. I only wish we had MORE information on the Pullman Porters to work in congress with the wonderful illustrations!pullmanporter


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