Get Your Ticket for this Steampunk Panda Express!

RaccoonExpressMy first print published story “Fire in the Sky” was included in EDGE Publishing’s Shanghai Steam. The cover art for this anthology was done by the amazing James Ng!

James’ newest painting is “Panda Express” – an adorably fun painting with amazing details that was his way of ‘expressing’ (yes I’m being punny) the idea of fastfood. The cars of this train are little food carts! Amazing stuff!! That’s what I really love about his art… besides the undeniable quality of his work… he’s very thoughtful in all the little details. You can stare at it for awhile and still find new things the next time you take a look!

You can purchase copies of his artwork on his website –

and you can find him a number of other ways as well:

RaccoonExpressSketchAND, the upcoming anthology “Steampunk World” will have original cover art by James Ng!

And if they reach another stretch goal they’ll have art INSIDE the anthology for each story… so if you can… help with their Kickstarter!

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