Chinese New Year Goodies

imageChinatown in Honolulu rarely changes. Sure, they remodel the building facades and add in ‘old style’ street lamps, but the heart of Chinatown will always be the little stores and shops that fairly burst with wares. You know them when you see them, groceries with boxes and tables on the sidewalks, selling everything from fresh produce to dried herbs, and even containers or trinkets.

What I remember as constants through the years are the knick knacks and food. Lift your nose into the air and you’ll know where to go. The preserved fruits that I indulge in every Chinese New Year… the wild colors of Papaya, Pineapple. The varied purples of lotus root. The zingy taste of ginger. The crisp bite of coconut.image

Yummm… and then there are all the things that I don’t know. Things with no signs. Things I’m too ashamed to ask about. One day, I’ll take the chance…


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