The Tone… (3 of 3)

I09 Article: What Does it Mean When People say your Story’s Tone is Wrong?

tbs-movies-wildWildWest-2-645x360_092020121215Wild Wild West (1999)

First, let me say how excited I was to get to the theater to see this… and then my excitement slowly started to unravel. I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Old Tucson Studios where part of the movie was filmed and that occupy some of my time giggling about the places I knew.

will-smith-in-wild-wild-west-1999-movie-imageCharacters… loved the casting of Kevin Kline – Perfection. just enough kooky comedy to make the gadgets work and not seem way over the top. The traincar… LOVE LOVE LOVE… I truly am a steam-nut 😀

I did enjoy Jim West, BUT… it seemed as though some of his lines (I’m guessing they were adlibs or planned adlibs) were just WAY TOO MUCH. Like the bellydance scene. Someone needed to leave much of that on the cutting room floor!

imagesAnd yes, Kenneth Branagh! Dr. Loveless… and yes, I couldn’t love his character any LESS!!! Such a shame to have a great actor reduced to utter camp. I was very very sad to see it go that way.

wild-wild-west-ps062The camp then continued with the spider… it was just toooo toooo much for me… and that’s saying something, just ask my family

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