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I09 Article: What Does it Mean When People say your Story’s Tone is Wrong?

I’ve had thoughts about this over time especially in regards to Steampunk. Those films that got it ‘right’ and those that weren’t quite… THERE.

Of course, films, books, media… it’s all subjective. I might love it… you might hate it… or someone may just shrug. ‘Meh.’ This is all just my personal opinion on tone.

league1League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

What they got ‘right’ –

the Set Decoration/Design… lovely work… the gaslights…

the_league_of_extraordinary_gentlemen_movie_review_dvd_review the ‘age’ of the look… the decorative zeal of the Victorian Age…

the dark dreary ‘summer’ day… the costumes… lovely lovely

The scenes at the beginning and end in Africa… appropriately sunny and bleak for the image that the era had of the ‘Dark Continent’

What I was a little ‘Meh’ about: The AUTOMOBILE

While I admired the idea of it… I felt that it rode the line of my ability to believe it would be in that world… ESP. when it was Agent Sawyer (who was not a member of the League in the comic) who instantly knew how to ‘drive’ it… and could navigate the extremely narrow streets of Venice with the skill of a NASCAR driver.

What they got ‘wrong’ in the movie:

hydeFor me it was mostly character issues that drove me up the wall. I believe they were spot on in so many ways. Quartermaine… awesomely perfect. Lestat to Dorian? And easy jump for Townsend. When I heard Jason Flemyng was going to be Jekyll/Hyde I gave a very girlish squee of delight. Flemyng does it for me… 😀

And I love him as Dr. Jekyll, but it was Hyde that had me cringing. I felt like they relied too much on the body pieces and CGI when, in my head, Hyde is not a creature of ape-like proportions, he’s the dark and depraved side of human nature. So they didn’t need to go ‘HUGE’ on him… just wicked… and really Flemyng can do that all on his own…

lxg_3The other main character that I needed ‘fixed’ was Mina Harker. Again, another actor that I like. Peta Wilson has been a favorite of mine since La Femme Nikita on USA. While I liked her ‘buttoned up’ Mina persona, it was her ‘change’ to “Vampire Lady” as Quartermaine called her that gave me a few cringe-worthy moments. There’s a way to make her ‘powers’ known without delving into the blood smeared all over her face.

maxryanThe last character was a secondary character, but he was so ‘campy’ at times, that I had a hard time feeling like he ‘fit’ in the scheme of things.

Part 2 will continue with the film Tai Chi Zero

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