Euphorbia esula – Wolf’s Milk


Euphorbia esula – Leafy Spurge (Wolf’s Milk)

Induces evacuation of bowels and bladder; cures the twelve types of dropsy, acute pains, abscesses in the neck or the arm pit, and swollen legs; vasodilator (dilates the blood vessels)

We are NOT recommending using this herb in any way for any medicinal reason… this blog entry is only for historical research…

** Chinese Folk Medicine and Acupuncture
by: Heinrich Wallnofer and Anna Von Rottauscher

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  1. Carl Pfister says:

    The moniker “Wolf’s Milk” is also associated in the literature with Lycogala Epidendrum, commonly known as wolf’s milk, Groening’s slime. To your knowledge, has Euphorbia esula been tested to treat cancers?

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