The Author and Story List for the Steamfunk! Anthology

Milton Davis, publisher for the Steamfunk! Anthology posted the list of Authors and Stories today:

‘Benjamin’s Freedom Magic’ by: Ronald T. Jones
‘Mud Holes and Mississippi Mules’ by: Malon Edwards
‘The Sharp Knife of a Short Life’ by: Hannibal Tabu
‘Men in Black’ by: P. Djeli Clark
‘The Tunnel at the End of Light’ by: Geoffrey Thorne
‘A Will of Iron’ by: Ray Dean
‘The Refuge’ by: Kochava Greene
‘Oh, Western Wind’ by: Carole McDonnell
‘Once a Spider’ by: Rebeccan McFarland Kyle
‘The Lion Hunters’ by: Josh Reynolds
‘Tough Night in Tommyville’ by: Melvin Carter
‘The Switch’ by: Valjeanne Jeffers

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