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“Springing the Trap” – 3rd Place at The Were-Traveler

So kind of The Were-Traveler to mention me – “Here are the ten stories that made it past the first round, and the top 3 stories are the winners. Congrats to Ray Dean for her 3rd place story: Springing the Trap. A damn good read. A bit Austen meets Poe.” The Were-Traveler Bookmark on Delicious […]

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Tasseomancy, like many other divination techniques, may have originated in China. The concept is that thought influences the physical world is conversely a part of this, as the spirit world is believed to be able to influence the physical world as well. That would be the only way that we could communicate with them if […]

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Tealeaf Reading – Tasseo…

Tasseography, Tasseology, Tasseomancy – I’ve seen all three in various writings and wondered what the word elements ‘did’ to the meaning of the word. -graphy = writing or recording; a method of recording -logy = branch of learning -mancy = divination so, it seems that in the case of Victorian Divination practices it would be […]

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Klaubauf, Bartl, Pelznickel, Grampus, Niglobartl, or Krampusz… they are all names that relate to the same holiday incarnation that is most widely known as Krampus. Is he merely a companion to Kris Kringle/Santa Claus? Or is he a peer… an equal to the jolly man in Red and White? In Western culture Santa Claus knows […]

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