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Susan B Anthony – Women’s Rights

The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution is my favorite. Besides the 19th connection to my birthdate, the 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote. But, before we had the 19th Amendment we had the 14th… added in 1865. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction […]

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We All Must Die a Bit…

Sometimes, lines… connections… themes seem to pop up out of ‘nowhere.’ Well, not really ‘nowhere’ because we had to have events or moments that we’ve experienced to ‘connect’ – right? Reading through a blog post about Quitting I recalled a line from the musical “The Fantasticks”: El Gallo: There is a curious paradox that no one […]

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A Mother’s Love

Godey’s Lady’s Book 1864 – A Mother’s Affection. – A writer beautifully remarks that a man’s mother is the representative of his Maker. Misfortune and mere crime set no barriers between her and her son. While his mother lives, a man has one friend on earth who will not desert him when he is needy. […]

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Reading Whilst Travelling

Godey’s 1864 p.176 READING WHILST TRAVELLING fatigues the eyes, as every observant person well knows; this induces headache, sometimes pains around the eyes, with a slight congestion of the retina, which, when the habit becomes inveterate, and the subject is over fifty or of a weak constitution, is liable to end in an attack of […]

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Receipt – To Clean Hair Brushes

Godey’s 1864 TO CLEAN HAIR BRUSHES. – As hot water and soap soon soften the hairs, and rubbing completes their destruction, use soda dissolved in cold water.  Soda, having an affinity for grease, cleans the brush with very little friction. After well shaking them, stand them on the points of the handles in a shady […]

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Receipt – To Take Mildew from Clothes

Godey’s 1864 TO TAKE MILDEW FROM CLOTHES. – Mix soft soap with powdered starch, half as much salt and the juice of a lemon; lay it on the part with a brush; let it lay on the grass, day and night, till the stain comes out.  Ironmoulds may be removed by the salt of lemons.  […]

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Receipt – Coloring Photographs

Godey’s Book 1864 COLORING PHOTOGRAPHS. – Wash the photographs over with a coating of parchment size made as follows: Shred some clean parchment fine, put about a teacupful down to boil in about a quart of water, boil to a pint, add a pinch of alum; strain.  To be heated as often as required to […]

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Receipt – Washing Preparation

Godey’s 1864 Washing Preparation. – Put one pound of saltpetre into a gallon of water, and keep it in a corked jug; two tablespoonsful for a pint of soap.  Soak, wash, and boil as usual. This bleaches the clothes beautifully, without injuring the fabric. *Please note that the information provided in this post has NOT […]

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Receipt – How to Perfume Clothes

Godey’s 1864 To Perfume Clothes. – Cloves, in coarse powder, one ounce; cassia, one ounce; lavender flowers, one ounce; lemon-peel, one ounce. Mix and put them into little bags, and place them where the clothes are kept, or wrap the clothes round them.  They will keep off insects.   *Please note that the information provided […]

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Victorian America Housekeeping Article (2/2)

Page 243 – Godey’s 1864 (2nd half) Continued from an Earlier Post… One thing, as a partial alleviation, I would suggest, returning to one of the good old customs of our New England grandmothers, which, amid all the fashions, and, as they would have said, “new-fangled notions” of the day, seems to have grown nearly […]

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