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Affect vs Effect – A Writer’s Influence on the World Around Them

When a writer brings their own focus to a subject, be it a person, event, or cultural practice, they may have a plan for such a focus. They may intend for the world to see a certain viewpoint in their work. They may also have no agenda for the focus but that doesn’t mean that […]

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Decoration Day 1865

May 1, 1865 – “First Decoration Day” Union soldiers held as prisoners of war at the Charleston Race Course and died within those walls were buried in unmarked graves. Freedmen cleaned up the burial ground, built an enclosure and labeled an arch with a sign “Martyrs of the Race Course.” Thousands of people gathered to […]

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Remembering the Ones Left Behind

Civil War Orphans – what happened to those left behind? An unidentified body of a soldier mortally wounded at Gettysburg. Clutched in his hand a clue to his identity. When the picture of three small children is published, an anguished widow comes forward to identify the body as that of her husband, Sgt. Amos Humiston. […]

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S. S. Ventura – There must be a Story…

 This angel, body bent in silent mourning, sits atop a gravesite in Oahu Cemetery. The simple elegance of the angel and her gentle repose offers a beautiful vision to visitors of the cemetery. Beneath her on the base, a ship sets a course through the waves. The S.S. Ventura. The Ventura was a part of […]

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A Visual Oddity

 Oahu Cemetery in Nuuanu, on the Island of Oahu, is one of the oldest currecnt cemeteries in the Hawaiian Islands. Many of the first Missionary families have their plots here as well as a survivor of the Titanic. One of my favorite gravesites in the cemetery is this odd leaning tree. The quiet beauty of […]

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Something Old to bring in the New

On King Street in Honolulu, a small cemetery lies sandwhiched between a business building and a highrise. It is the original Catholic Cemetery. The records of those buried here were lost in a fire so the location of a Civil War Veteran’s grave is lost to the ages… I stopped by the other day while […]

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Resting in Peace (1/?)

I like cemeteries. I love to walk around in them. I love to read the headstones. I love the art that you can find as part of the memorials for loved ones. This particular headstone is in the Missionary Cemetery behind Kawaiahao Church in Downtown Honolulu. The requirement for entry into this particular resting place (in […]

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Coffin vs Casket

When one thinks about funeral  customs, as they should if writing about the Victorian Era, there is quite a bit of importance place on mourning custom and rites. From time to time I will make posts that involve customs of the period and hope to record the information here for anyone to use. First – […]

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