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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016- Hawaii Plantation Era

Aloha from the Sandwich Islands… from the Hawaiian Kingdom! Back in the Victorian Era, Hawaii was it’s own kingdom. And much of its distinction as a melting pot began, in my opinion, during that ‘Victorian’ Era. And one of the biggest reasons for the influx of immigrants was the Sugar Plantations. Oh, Hawaii has had […]

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Chinese New Year Goodies

Chinatown in Honolulu rarely changes. Sure, they remodel the building facades and add in ‘old style’ street lamps, but the heart of Chinatown will always be the little stores and shops that fairly burst with wares. You know them when you see them, groceries with boxes and tables on the sidewalks, selling everything from fresh […]

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Chinatown Butcher

The strange and wonderful world of the butcher in Chinatown. The greasy drip of fat from duck and chicken. The crispy crunch of roast pork, cut to order. How many pounds? Crispy or fatty? Chicken with feet? Turkey tail? Charsiu whole or chopped? If you know the butcher, they may offer you a piece that […]

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The Printed Language – Sandwich Islands

They came to the Sandwich Islands at the behest of the a young Hawaiian sailor who had emigrated to the East Coast of the United States. They spent the six months on the Brig Thaddeus learning to speak the Hawaiian language so that they could communicate with the native peoples of the Islands. Many believe […]

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Tree Huggers… the Botanical Kind

Tillandsia usneoides – some call it Spanish Moss, but in Hawaii (or what was known as the “Sandwich Islands” during the Victorian Period) we call it Pele’s Hair. Pele, one of the elemental goddesses in Hawaiian Culture/Mythology, is the Goddess of Fire. She creates the very land we live on and she has the power […]

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Sandwich Island Christmas Trees

In 1852 the Sydney Botanic Garden in Australia sent a package to the “King of the Sandwich Islands.” Included in the package were seedlings for Norfolk Pine Trees. Given their name because of their origination from Norfolk Island to the east of Australia, these seedlings were perfectly suited to the climate of the Hawaiian Islands. […]

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Fearsome Parents –

Growing up in Hawaii… (or in terms of the Victorian Era – The Sandwich Islands) we had a unique window to many cultures that shared our island home. Foo dogs were a common sight in and around town. I remember one our school visits to the Honolulu Art Academy. Two Foo dogs guarded the entrance […]

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Mark Twain in the Sandwich Isles

Mark Twain was hired by a California Newspaper to visit the Sandwich Islands and report back on the people and sights of the Pacific. Nearby is an interesting ruin–the meager remains of an ancient temple–a place where human sacrifices were offered up in those old bygone days…long, long before the missionaries braved a thousand privations […]

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A Bright Idea is Tested

Thanks to Charles Otto Berger, a Honolulu-based insurance executive with mainland connections, the “electric light” was demonstrated at Iolani Palace on this day in 1886.   Hawaiian Electric Site Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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S. S. Ventura – There must be a Story…

┬áThis angel, body bent in silent mourning, sits atop a gravesite in Oahu Cemetery. The simple elegance of the angel and her gentle repose offers a beautiful vision to visitors of the cemetery. Beneath her on the base, a ship sets a course through the waves. The S.S. Ventura. The Ventura was a part of […]

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