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And Leagues to Go…

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Limelight Definition from LIMELIGHT a : a stage lighting instrument producing illumination by means of an oxyhydrogen flame directed on a cylinder of lime and usually equipped with a lens to concentrate the light in a beam b : the white light produced by such an instrument Click on either of the images below […]

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New Post on Steamed!

Click on the above banner to go to “Steamed!” and read my new post “A Little Science Moment to Enlighten Your Day” Part of my two a month posts at the Steamed! Blog Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments […]

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Tree Huggers… the Botanical Kind

Tillandsia usneoides – some call it Spanish Moss, but in Hawaii (or what was known as the “Sandwich Islands” during the Victorian Period) we call it Pele’s Hair. Pele, one of the elemental goddesses in Hawaiian Culture/Mythology, is the Goddess of Fire. She creates the very land we live on and she has the power […]

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Dolomite from Egypt

In researching for my stories, I love to pull in details that will help to ‘anchor’ the story in reality, even though it is fiction. Dolomite – a mineral mined in Egypt and valuable for a number of reasons First, we have a lovely image of earrings made with dolomite beads. No, these earrings are […]

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To Recover Drowned Persons – period advice

To Recover Drowned Persons. ** First empty the stomach, etc. of water. To do this, place the patient face downward, put a roll of something hard under the pit of the stomach, so that it is above the level of the mouth, and then press with force on the back. Afterward, to set up artificial […]

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Wolf Body Language

While researching for a short story, I found a great website with information about Wolves. On a larger scale, the website has information about the Lakota, a Native American tribe in North America. The resource that was the biggest help for me during the drafting of my story was the body language of wolves. Without […]

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Taking the Bite Out of It

Those pesky mosquitoes! Traipsing through the Amazon, or lazing on the beaches in the Sandwich Islands… what would happen if in a moment of dire need, stepping over the roughly hewn threshold of some ancient ruin, a body might lift (ever so slightly, mind you) the hem of one’s skirts. Should the perturbingly deft proboscis […]

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Glass Bottles – Fire Grenade Bottles

I’ve been working on a short story that involved a lot of glass bottles. Not just a whole score of identical bottles, but a number of visually different bottles. Which brings me to one thing I love about writing… RESEARCH. I don’t mind mind research…unless there is a lack of source material. That is not […]

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Delight in this, the Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) was given the name Augusta Ada Byron from her parents Annabella Milbanke and Lord Byron. Ada’s mother had training in mathematics and insisted that her daughter was educated in math as well. In 1833, Ada saw Babbage’s Analytical Engine demonstrated at a party. She was only seventeen, but what she saw caught […]

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