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International Pickle Week – May 14 – 25

So, it’s International pickle week! I’m all for this holiday! Pickles were not something I enjoyed as a child, but thanks to an amazing woman and her inviting Cafe in Eagle Rock, CA… I love pickles! The Cafe was just a few streets down from my college and I discovered it one day when it […]

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SHATW 2015 – Receipt Test – Salad ‘d Orange

Earlier we posted a Salade D’Orange receipt. So, I wanted to actually try it out at home. Things that happened during the trial: I couldn’t find a way to pick up any Madeira Wine, so I looked online for a substitute. It said to use Balsamic Vinegar, a teaspoon of honey, and four whole cloves […]

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The Pompadour Porte-Jupe

“Dress Elevator” from Godey’s Lady’s Book (Civil War Period) This porte-jupe is composed of a belt, which is worn under the dress; the belt has eight joints round it, from each of which depends a piece of strong braid. These strings are all joined together in front of the belt, for those which hang down […]

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Jenny Lind Cake Receipt

We’ve shared a Jenny Lind Pudding receipt before… Looking through Godey’s 1866 p. 276 in the first half of the year… Jenny Lind Cake 2 cups of flour 1 1/2 cup of milk 1 T sugar 1/2 t of soda 1 t cream tartar 1 egg salt This receipt is meant ONLY for historical information… […]

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Carrion Crow

Something New in the Crow Line. – From an English paper: – “The Americans give the name of carrion crow to a species of small vulture which has multiplied with so much the more facility that the law of the United States protects it against all attacks, for purposes of salubrity. As a result, in […]

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1865 – Coiffures

1865 Godey’s Coiffures p. 231 Terminology: frizettes – n. a curly or frizzed fringe, often an artificial hairpiece, worn by women on the forehead¬† ( Figure 2. Looks as though it is the same coiffure as this photograph of Elizabeth Bacon Custer from nearly the same time period with the exception of the curls that […]

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A Mother’s Love

Godey’s Lady’s Book 1864 – A Mother’s Affection. – A writer beautifully remarks that a man’s mother is the representative of his Maker. Misfortune and mere crime set no barriers between her and her son. While his mother lives, a man has one friend on earth who will not desert him when he is needy. […]

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Sacque Cloak – Mme. Demorest’s

Another delightful illustration and instruction of Godey’s 1864. While the magazine itself had monthly updates on fashion in New York and Philadelphia, they would feature different modes of fashion that were the height of culture and/or names in fashion. Mme. Demorest’s was a favorite within the pages of Godey’s and I can understand why. A […]

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A Play on Words…

In celebration of April Fools A robber who was seized for stealing snuff out of a tobacconist’s shop, by way of excusing himself, exclaimed that he was not aware of any law that forbade a man to take snuff.   Godey’s 1864 – p 496   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook […]

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Receipt: To Clean Transparent Tortoiseshell

Godey’s 1864 To Clean Transparent Tortoiseshell- Put on tortoiseshell ornaments one drop or two of sweet oil and rub it well in with the ball of the thumb until all greasiness disappears; a brilliant polish will thus be produced, and afterwards, if such friction with the hand be frequently used, the bright appearance of the […]

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