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Decoration Day 1865

May 1, 1865 – “First Decoration Day” Union soldiers held as prisoners of war at the Charleston Race Course and died within those walls were buried in unmarked graves. Freedmen cleaned up the burial ground, built an enclosure and labeled an arch with a sign “Martyrs of the Race Course.” Thousands of people gathered to […]

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Remembering the Ones Left Behind

Civil War Orphans – what happened to those left behind? An unidentified body of a soldier mortally wounded at Gettysburg. Clutched in his hand a clue to his identity. When the picture of three small children is published, an anguished widow comes forward to identify the body as that of her husband, Sgt. Amos Humiston. […]

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Goober Peas

Some define folk music as music passed on by mouth… or music of the lower classes… while the song Goober peas was definitely passed on by mouth (earliest printed sheet music for the song dates to the years AFTER the American Civil War), one could argue the ‘lower classes’ label. The song Goober Peas was […]

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What’s In a Name – Civil War Battles

Battles with Two Different Names Every conflict has more than one side… including battles in a war. The odd thing about wars and armed conflict. It is the winners that ‘name’ those battles. Still, the American Civil War has many battles that have retained names from the Confederate States and the Union States. Date of […]

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The Mounted Rifleman

Godey’s Lady Magazine 1864 THE MOUNTED RIFLEMAN. BY S. F. FLINT. (Seventh Illinois Veteran Mounted Infantry.)   My girth is tight – my stirrup strong- My steed is stanch and free; I wait to hear the bugle clear, To mount my saddletree. No soul to say a last “God speed!” I give no fond adieu; […]

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Notes of Hospital Life

From Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia: – NOTES OF HOSPITAL LIFE, from November 1861, to August, 1864.  We have turned, with the deepest interest, the leaves of this little volume. It is from the pen of a lady, who details her individual experience in the wards of one of our city hospitals, and it will excite […]

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Beardslee Patent Magneto-Electric Field Telegraph Machine

 In the Peninula Campaign of 1862, a new machine was used to communicate between Union forces. The Beardslee Patent Magneto-Electric Field Telegraph Machine. What a mouthful, huh? Seen here at the left, two Beardslee machines are connected for a demonstration. It required no battery, instead using a hand-cranked generator. What trouble they must have had if the […]

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Civil War Signaling

Waiting for their orders, the signal corps keeps their camp at the ready. Signaling flags lean quietly against the canvas walls of the tent. The flags are large and clearly marked, and even though the signal corps that is ready to receive their message has binoculars and will keep their eyes trained on the brightly […]

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Thanksgiving as a National Holiday

Before Thanksgiving became a National Holidy, there were numerous unofficial celebrations in the United States. During the Civil War, one of President Lincoln’s concerns was uniting the country. Sarah J. Hale, a poet and editor, was lobbbying for a national holiday of Thanksgiving. President Lincoln discussed the subject with Hale and later made his Thanksgiving […]

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In the Family Tree…

 Pvt. George Henry Graffam – 30th Maine Infantry Unit Organized at Augusta and mustered in January 8, 1864. Left State for New Orleans, La., January 31, 1864, arriving February 16. Attached to 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1864; and Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Division, to […]

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