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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 – Postage

When you look back at history, or you create a retro-future like Steampunk, there are so many pieces of the world to consider. ┬áSomething as simple as the stamp on an envelope had a detailed history of its own. Again, I’m thankful to my old (and I’m not necessarily calling HIM old… cause… we’re about […]

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Making do…

“Such minute attention must be given the wardrobe to preserve it that I have learned to darn like an artist. Making shoes is now another accomplishment. ┬áMine were in tatters. H. came across a moth-eaten pair that he bought me, giving ten dollars, I think, and they fell into rags when I tried to wear […]

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The Battle Cry of Freedom – two versions

With a song as memorable as “The Battle Cry of Freedom” it is easy to understand why each side of the conflict that we currently know as the Civil War – would want their own version of this rousing song. Written by George F. Root in 1862 as a rally song for the Union army, […]

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Hard Times Come Again No More – Stephen Foster

Published in 1864! Stephen Fosters song became an anthem to those in need of better times and a brighter outlook. Seemingly drawing together people of all economic groups in longing, using music as a common bond. Tis the song, the sigh of the weary… The lyrics are timeless and will most likely continue to be […]

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Hard Tack, Hard Tack, Come Again No More

Made with flour and water (and sometimes a little salt) the hard tack biscuit was a nearly edible staple of food for the Civil War Solider. The hard biscuit travelled well and rarely spoiled on the hard forced marches and long campaigns. It took a bit of water to soften the thick biscuit that various […]

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Tenting Tonight On The Old Campground

Written in 1863, by Walter Kittredge, this song was a favorite of Union soldiers We’re tenting tonight on the old camp ground, Give us a song to cheer Our weary hearts, a song of home And friends we love so dear. Chorus: Many are the hearts that are weary tonight, Wishing for the war to […]

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Grinding Up the Seed Corn

“Grinding up the Seed Corn” The phrase a favorite of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. He used the phrase to illustrate one of his ideas that the South could not afford to put all of its bright young men on the front lines. Why? War in its essence is a bloody waste of life. Perhaps he […]

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Courting… You light up my life…

Courting didn’t change much through the 1800s… and many of the traditions continued on from the 1700s in both the United States and England. One of those courting traditions was the “Courting Candle.” While I can find no direct connection to England, there are numerous mentions in American history. The candle, for the most part […]

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The Sole of the Civil War

Brogans, a sturdy pair of shoes, were made mostly in the “straight last” fashion – meaning that there was no ‘right’ or ‘left’ shoe in the pair. The fit came from wearing the shoes or ‘breaking them’ in. Wetting a pair would be a faster way to fit the shoe to someone’s foot. The soles […]

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The End of Day

Day is done, gone the sun From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky All is well, safely rest God is nigh. The refrain is one I’ve heard many times in my life, but none more touching than the funeral of a loved one that has served their country in the armed services. The […]

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