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Taking the Bite Out of It

Those pesky mosquitoes! Traipsing through the Amazon, or lazing on the beaches in the Sandwich Islands… what would happen if in a moment of dire need, stepping over the roughly hewn threshold of some ancient ruin, a body might lift (ever so slightly, mind you) the hem of one’s skirts. Should the perturbingly deft proboscis […]

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A Model Medicine Chest

A Model Medicine Chest We would advise all persons who contemplate going to the Klondyke region to include in their outfits a medicine chest containing the following drugs, the cost of which should be within $10: Quinine pills…… 50 Compound cathartic pills ………. 50 Acetanilid tablets………. 3 dozen Chlorate potash………. 1 box Mustard plasters………. 6 […]

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Temperament – The Four Humours

Begun by Hippocrates, the great scholar and Greek father of medicine, the ideas of ‘humors’ has centered around the idea that all humans may be divided into four basic personality/temperment groups: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic & Phlegmatic. The terms may sound familiar as they are based on the four bodily fluids that Hippocrates believed caused our […]

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Mormon Tea – Ephedra

American Indians didn’t just pay attention to the land, animals and plants around them, they saw each as an integral part of their lives, the world created by their gods. They used what had been created to preserve their health and that of the world around them. Mormon Tea, is the name of a shrub […]

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Patent Medicines

“Step right up, yep, step right up! That’s right, folks, don’t be shy. Shy don’t get you good health! Shy don’t get you a cure for your ills.” The man in a sharp suit with a sharper eye steps up to the edge of the stage erected before his wagon and takes the measure of […]

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Receipt: To Cure the Bite of a Mad Dog

Godey’s 1864 – We do not vouch for the following TO CURE THE BITE OF A MAD DOG. – Take immediately warm vinegar, or tepid water, and wash the wound very clean; then dry it, and pour upon the wound a few drops of muriatic acid.  Mineral acids destroy the poison of the saliva, and […]

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Ayer’s Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla is a skillfully prepared combination of the best vegetable alternatives and blood purifiers. It is composed of the Sarsaparilla root of the tropics, well-known as an alternative of great value,  combined with Stillingia, Yellow-Dock and Mandrake, all celebrated for curative qualities.  These, chemically united with the Iodides of Potassium and […]

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Receipt – Razor Paste

Godey’s 1864 RAZOR PASTE. – Emery, reduced to an impalpable powder, two parts; spermaceti ointment, one part.  Mix together, and rub it over the strop. *Please note that the information provided in this post has NOT been tested for consumption by humans or other living creatures. This information is for research ONLY. Bookmark on Delicious […]

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When It Bites…

“Good drawing poultice for snake bites is an onion and a handful of salt pounded together. We also use this for a common poultice.”* Source: Mother’s Remedies: Over One Thousand Tried and Tested Remedies from Mothers of the United States and Canada, T. J. Ritter *Please note that the information provided in this post has […]

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A Kernel of Knowledge

Godey’s Lady’s Magazine 1864 * – September CURE FOR CORNS. – Apply a piece of linen, saturated in olive oil, to the corns night and morning, and let it remain on them during the day; it will be found to prove a slow but certain cure; they will wear out of the toe, and some […]

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