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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 – Stamp of Approval

Having been a Postal Child myself (Three generations of my family have worked for the USPS), stamps and anything else involved in that kind of correspondence have always fascinated me. Historical stamps and other postage ephemera can give you a brief snippet of personal history in a time long gone by. It’s a romantic idea […]

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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016- Hawaii Plantation Era

Aloha from the Sandwich Islands… from the Hawaiian Kingdom! Back in the Victorian Era, Hawaii was it’s own kingdom. And much of its distinction as a melting pot began, in my opinion, during that ‘Victorian’ Era. And one of the biggest reasons for the influx of immigrants was the Sugar Plantations. Oh, Hawaii has had […]

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“Facing the New World” – on the Radio!

My story “Facing the Modern World” was a part of the Airships & Automatons anthology with Witty Bard Publishing. The story describes a fictitious meeting between King David Kalakaua and a Japanese Samurai regarding the pressures of defending their island nations against other countries… in the early beginnings of a Steampunk world. Thanks to The […]

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