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Are your Colours Like Their Dreams?

There may not have been an official ‘uniform’ for the women in the suffrage movement, but there were colours that helped the ladies identify each other. GREEN signified HOPE WHITE represented PURITY PURPLE meant DIGNITY/NOBILITY Their American counterparts would adopt GOLD, WHITE, & PURPLE as their colours. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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Etsy Find – O’Lear Studios

Looking around on Etsy can be very inspiring and very expensive! The amount of ingenuity and creativity that goes into these shops is amazing! I just wanted to share one of my favorite Etsy Shops with you. One that I think has great products and their aesthetic is right up my alley. A dark, stone-cobbled […]

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Dolomite from Egypt

In researching for my stories, I love to pull in details that will help to ‘anchor’ the story in reality, even though it is fiction. Dolomite – a mineral mined in Egypt and valuable for a number of reasons First, we have a lovely image of earrings made with dolomite beads. No, these earrings are […]

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A Mystery in Blue

Wondering how they achieved the trim. The three row trim on the arm could have been sewn with a channel of satin, encasing string and stitching against the string for each of the three rows and then sewn into the seam. But, the trim on the bodice looks as if it might have been sewn […]

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Friston’s Feature!

Friston is another Steampunk in Hawaii… not that we’re the only two, there are a bunch of us, but my dear Friston is a friend and now has his place in Steampunk Futurestory… with a feature in the book Steampunk Fashion. His pieces are beautiful and full of detail. I’m so proud that he was […]

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