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“Washed Pure, Washed Clean” Cyberfunk Radio…

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Upcoming Release – “The City” Cyberfunk Anthology

eBook Release Date – September 25, 2015 One of the unique aspects of this anthology was the ‘World’ created by Editor & Creative Force, Milton Davis. The first time I ‘met’ Milton Davis was when I found an anthology call for something called Steamfunk! I had just finished writing a story for Shanghai Steam and […]

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Excerpt from “Washed Pure, Washed Clean”

Ben waited just inside the doorway, letting the neon lights spill in like overflow, sparkling of the layers of clothing he wore to stave off the cold. He waited in his own pensive silence with his eyes trained on the outside world for the first elusive glimpse of the Techsorcist. She was a ripple of […]

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The City – Cyberfunk Anthology

MV Media is preparing for publication of its Cyberfunk Anthology – The City. A living breathing organism, the City has mysteries that even its most notable citizens don’t understand. With Cover and Interior art created by the amazing Edison Moody, this will be another exciting chapter in MV Media’s ‘book.’     My story “Washed […]

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“Washed Pure, Washed Clean” – The City: Book One

MV Media, the same company that brought us Steamfunk! the Anthology, has just announced a new project – The City A Cyberfunk anthologies… well TWO anthologies… based on a world created by the creative minds at MV. My story, “Washed Pure, Washed Clean” will be in Book One of the anthology!   I love being […]

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