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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 – Favorite Steampunk Memories (part 1)

I’ve been going through a little nostalgia lately… Honestly it started because a lot of things happened last year – some good, some bad.  Most importantly, I lost a family member in the later part of the year. It was a quick and peaceful passing for him and I was glad that was the case. On […]

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Review: Lightning Bolts of Zeus by: D. Alan Lewis

This book was great. I sat down to start reading it on a Sunday morning… thinking to get a few chapters in and come back to it later after errands. Well, the errands ended up waiting… and waiting… because I just didn’t put the book down until the end. The ‘world’ of this story is […]

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A new Review for “Carried Away”

Two reviews on so far… and this one posted on Review Link and a little snippet from the review: I would recommend this novella to anyone who has enjoyed the graphic novel, as it fills in the background details of the Suffrajitsu universe and revisits the characters. If you haven’t read the graphic novel, […]

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Kindle Worlds – Carried Away by: Ray Dean

As a proper Edwardian Englishman, Lord Arnold Smythe has no time at all for the radical women’s suffrage movement. He becomes infuriated when his wife, Lady Roslyn, shows an interest in the cause. Meanwhile, young Tressa Boniface, a serving girl in the Smythe’s household, can’t see what all the fuss is about. Why should women […]

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My Writing Process – Blog Tour

First, let me take this opportunity to give a loud shout out to one my dearest pals, Wendy C. Williford, for dragging me… er, allowing me to play. You can check out other writer’s blogs and follow the tour on Facebook at #‎mywritingprocess‬ and on Twitter at #mywritingprocess I may sound gauche to say but […]

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Review: The Pullman Porter

My mind works in mysterious ways. Or if you ask my mother and closest friends… ‘WEIRD’ ways. When I think of Pullman – I think of UPS. Yes, the United Parcel Service. Odd, because my family is BIG into the Post Office (Three Generations into). UPS uniforms are made… and UPS trucks are painted in […]

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Review: The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency & Victorian England

The Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England From 1811-1901 by: Kristine Hughes I’m a sucker for a ‘Writer’s Guide.’ Love the information in them. Love the illustrations and the interesting facts I find. BUT, yeah, you knew there would be at least one but… Two eras as different as the Regency […]

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Interview: Chris-Rachael Oseland

Chris-Rachael Oseland has written a number of books in different genres. I had the chance to interview her for an article about her Steampunk Book, 101 Steampunk Cocktails and Mixed Drinks: SteamDrunks Hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as I did 😀 Q: What was your introduction to Steampunk, your ‘awakening moment’? […]

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Review: Dark Victorian – Bones

“I am made of this.” In a Victorian mechanical and eldritch London, a black arts surgeon is ripping out the bones and organs of healthy poor folk to transplant into the afflicted bodies of the wealthy. Anti-vivisectionists battle with medical doctors, medical doctors condemn supernatural practitioners, and amidst it all the Bone Stealer hunts for […]

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Steamfunk! Anthology Trailer

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