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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 – Postage

When you look back at history, or you create a retro-future like Steampunk, there are so many pieces of the world to consider.  Something as simple as the stamp on an envelope had a detailed history of its own. Again, I’m thankful to my old (and I’m not necessarily calling HIM old… cause… we’re about […]

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SimCity Social Facebook Game goes Steampunk!

If you’re on Facebook and if you’re looking for a Steampunk themed game, there’s always Blackwood & Bell for Missing Item games, but now SimCity Social has included some Steampunk themed missions into it’s popular City Building Game. Lord Broseley’s time carriage has malfunctioned and the game players have to discover evidence that he is […]

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Blackwood & Bell Mysteries – Facebook Game

Ah, finally… a steampunk mystery game online! The graphics are fairly decent… the hidden object screens as good as Hidden Chronicles. Blackwood is the male half of the agency, Bell the female… she’s American (gasp!) and he’s a Brit! There is some fun banter in which Bell recounts a few odd moments where her American […]

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Pre-Steam: What is it?

Before there was steam… What did we do when work needed to be done? What beast of burden shouldered the strain of our need for progress? What is this ‘creation’ that you see in the picture? Take a guess… or two… or three… and let’s see if you know your ‘pre-steam’ technology. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on […]

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