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Navajo Culture – Spider Rock

Canyon de Chelly – I have visited Spider Rock twice, once with my family and the second time by myself. Both times I enjoyed my visit, enjoying the calm and quiet at the edge of the canyon rim. Listening to the wind sweeping through the juniper trees at my back, I lean against the railing […]

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Steampunk: Hands Around the World Wrap Up

Thanks to Kevin Steil of Airship Ambassador for coming up with the idea of bringing together Steampunks from around the world to celebrate and discover the sensational topic we all enjoy! I’m putting together a review of posts that have included any graphics I’ve made as well as posts that I’ve put together. A little […]

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Two posts about “Place Based Inspiration” on Steamed!

Some people are inspired by visuals… these two posts deal with inspiration that Steampunks find in places – Buildings, Locations, Bridges, etc February 7, 2014 – Place Based Inspiration  February 21, 2014 – Place Based Inspiration Too! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it […]

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The Pony Express – Joining Up

The Pony Express was a ground breaking enterprise, endeavoring to deliver the mail quickly over a long distance. Russell, Majors, & Waddell hoped to make a tidy profit providing mail service between St. Joseph, MO & Sacramento, CA. Instead of waiting for the stage, weighed down by luggage and passengers… or freight wagons with their […]

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Transportation – Sandbox

Most of you are imagining a sandbox on a playground, but the type of sandbox that we’ll cover in this post has everything to do with STEAM. Steam Engines, that is. 1836, Pennsylvania was inundated with grasshoppers. They would swarm on the tracks and running engines would turn their bodies into a slick mess, spinning […]

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The Great Steamboat Race

  There was a time after the end of the Civil War, nearly a quarter of a century before the world would see 1900 printed in the newspapers, where folks that lived up and down the Mississippi knew the name of every paddlewheel that pushed their way through the currents. The brightly colored letters emblazoned […]

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Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile

From Harper & Brothers, New York, through Peterson & Brothers, and Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia: – JOURNAL OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE SOURCE OF THE NILE.  By John Hanning Speke, Captain H.M. Indian Army, etc.  With Maps and Portraits and numerous Illustrations, chiefly from drawings by Captain Grant. Books of African travel and adventure are […]

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Sidewheeler vs Sternwheeler

 Steampowered paddlewheelers were a large part of transportation in Victorian Era America. The two basic types of paddlewheelers were ‘sidewheelers’ and ‘sternwheelers.’ Their definitions are obvious… the sidewheeler (upper left) has at least two wheels located on the side and the sternwheeler (lower left) has the wheel located at the back (stern) of the craft. […]

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The Royal Order of Ganesha

Poughkeepsie, NY – Recently found in the “Second Time ‘Round” Antique store in Hanalei, Maui, this medal was originally classified as a piece of interesting costume jewelry. August Porter, a visitor to the Islands from Poughkeepsie, brought it back to New York. The ornament caused quite a stir when his wife, Vera, wore it to […]

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S. S. Ventura – There must be a Story…

 This angel, body bent in silent mourning, sits atop a gravesite in Oahu Cemetery. The simple elegance of the angel and her gentle repose offers a beautiful vision to visitors of the cemetery. Beneath her on the base, a ship sets a course through the waves. The S.S. Ventura. The Ventura was a part of […]

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