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Recommended Read – Pride & Prejudice Annotated

I highly recommend this version of Pride & Prejudice. Not only can you read the book on its own, just read LEFT pages straight through. However, if you want to learn a ton and a half about the Regency Era, this is a GREAT resource. Instead of just reading a research book about the period […]

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Tussie Mussie

  Ring around the rosie… a pocketful of posies… originating from as far back as the Medieval era, small bundles of flowers were carried along to make ‘noses happy/gay’ – The English called them ‘nosegays.’ American Colonisits called them tussie mussies.   Such a small token of affection that may hold more meaning. Using the […]

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Courting… You light up my life…

Courting didn’t change much through the 1800s… and many of the traditions continued on from the 1700s in both the United States and England. One of those courting traditions was the “Courting Candle.” While I can find no direct connection to England, there are numerous mentions in American history. The candle, for the most part […]

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