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Recommended Read – Pride & Prejudice Annotated

I highly recommend this version of Pride & Prejudice. Not only can you read the book on its own, just read LEFT pages straight through. However, if you want to learn a ton and a half about the Regency Era, this is a GREAT resource. Instead of just reading a research book about the period […]

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Excerpt from “Victorian Parlor Games”:   This ancient game, once a feature in every parlor, is now enjoying a come-back. Sets of solitaire, consisting of a board and thirty-three marbles, can be bought at any good toy-shop.  There is a different configuration of the board in European tradition, but this version is most common in […]

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Mumblety Peg

Boys and knives… knives and boys… a relationship second only to boys and dogs. Even in Victorian times a boy was often carrying a pocket knife of some sort with him. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ but for children with little in the way of ready-made toys children made do with what […]

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Faro – Bucking the Tiger

In the Old West period of American History, gambling wasn’t just a source of money it was a source of entertainment, addiction and ruin. There were any number of ways to gamble money and in some cases gold dust. If it had value, you could gamble it. At any time from approximately 1825 to the […]

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Blind Man’s Bluff

In the Victorian Parlor, entertainments were often something that the family and guests participated in, rather than observed. One of the many parlor games that became favorites in the Victorian era was Blind Man’s Bluff. First, it might be a good idea to clearn furniture to the sides of the room, to avoid any possible injury to the participants. A player was selected […]

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Bathing Outfits by the Sea

When venturing down to the water, it is very important that a proper lady be dressed, well, properly. In the Victorian Era, that meant covering up to nearly the same extent as if one was on the street. Neck to floor.                       The following comments […]

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Victorian Bathing Machine

The Victorians held many beliefs on propriety. Some of them seem to us in these ‘modern’ times as contradictory. Bathing machines were portable changing rooms that could be wheeled into the water, usually with the help of a wagon and a few horses. Within the machine, a bather could change their clothes or change ‘out’ […]

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