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Recommended Read – Pride & Prejudice Annotated

I highly recommend this version of Pride & Prejudice. Not only can you read the book on its own, just read LEFT pages straight through. However, if you want to learn a ton and a half about the Regency Era, this is a GREAT resource. Instead of just reading a research book about the period […]

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Hints for Prairie Travelers on the Stage…

The best seat inside a stage coach is the one next to the driver. You will have to ride with your back to the horses, which with some people, produces an illness not unlike sea sickness, but in a long journey this will wear off, and you will get more rest, with less than half […]

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Charles wrung his hands, as he paced before the window. “Often has it caused me no small amount of worry to remember the truth of it… the manners that are expected on the street and in the ballroom.” Aunt Eugenie looked up from her sewing and tsked at her favorite with good-natured mirth. “I had […]

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Dinner Party Seating Arrangements

It is customary for the host and hostess to sit opposite one another at the side of the table, in the center. The two most distinguished gentlemen ought to be placed next to the mistress of the house, and the two most distinguished ladies next to the master of the house. The right hand is […]

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It is about duty…

“In the case of a dancing party, the master of the house should see that all the ladies dance. He should take notice, particularly of those who seem to serve as drapery to the walls – or wallflowers, as the familiar expression is – and should see that they are invited to dance.  However, he […]

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